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Ecodeck B.V. has a longstanding experience with teak for the yachting industry. Gradually we discovered the wish and the need for alternative materials for teak.. In the year 2012 EcoDeck®
is introduced.

To stop human-induced deforestation, EcoDeck® invented a nautical deck application that satisfies the highest standards in the yachting industry while reducing the impact on our environment.

EcoDeck® has prooven itself a safe product according to SOLAS and IMO regulations. During its lifetime EcoDeck® will maintain its properties and is easy to repair. The material is non-skid and easy to maintain at low costs.

According to digital measurements and AutoCAD-drawings, we supply EcoDeck® in Prefabricated panels and is produced with the latest CNC-techniques.

The prefabricated sections can be fully bonded to the substructure, whether it is aluminium, steel, GRP or mineral based. Because of the high flexibility it can be used almost everywhere.

EcoDeck® is eco-friendly and is produced with renewed and solvent free resins. 
At the end of its life cycle EcoDeck®  can be recycled to be used in new products.

"Where Heritage Meets
Modern Craftsmanship"

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