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Ecologically responsible

M-Eco Deck® is a strong, flexible, solvent free, UV-proof and polyurethane resin based flooring system. This prefabricated, viscous-elastic composite material has a stylish and warm effect, a seamless and durable finish and is suitable for numerous applications. It has a luxurious maritime effect.

M-Eco Deck® is extremely durable, flexible, flame retarding, recyclable, easy to maintain, machinable like wood, ecological responsible, algae free and non-skid.

M-Eco Deck® can be used in a variety of ways, such as:
Decks, flooring(interior), cladding, ceilings, caprailing, toerailing, steps and gratings.
In addition, the floors can also be cast. Like in the galley or the technical area.

Powered by Herculan Marine

All components of M-Eco Deck® are developed and produced by Herculan Marine and are constantly subject to strict quality control. Both by internal inspections in the Herculan Marine laboratory as externally by certifying authorities and specialised laboratories.
M-Eco Deck® has exclusivity in production of the panels.

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