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Aesthetical appearance

With EcoDeck® there is a lot of freedom in design such as plank width, joint width, types of joint and color of the planks. With Eco
Deck® you can have your design totally customisable for your vessel..
So when it is desired, or not, EcoDeck® can have the appearance of wood, and the experience in sustainability. 

- Thickness of approx. 8 mm
- Weight approx. 8.7 kg/m2

- Excellent flame retardancy

- UV blocked for ultimate longevity

- A safe product according to SOLAS and IMO regulations
- Cooler than other synthetic options

- Elegant and seamless
- Strong, flexible and very wear resistant

- Comfortable barefoot and Excellent non-skid

- Easy to maintain at low cost

- Eco-friendly and is produced with renewed and solvent free resins
- During its lifetime EcoDeck® will maintain its properties and is easy to repair

- No absorption of water

Technical Specs

"The appearance of wood with the experience in sustainability"

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