Aesthetical appearance
With Eco Deck® there is a lot of freedom in design such as plank width, joint width, types of joint, color of the planks and joints. It’s also possible to make a special design for the deck. So when it is desired, or not,
Eco Deck® can have the appearance of wood, and the experience in sustainability. 

- Thickness of approx. 8 mm
- Weight approx. 8.7 kg/m2

- Flame retarding
- Strong, flexible and very wear resistant

- Comfortable barefoot and non-skid

- Low maintenace

- ECO- Friendly, solvent- free resin.
- Machinable like wood, in comparison with PVC:

  •   Easy to sand

  •   Easy to repair

- No absorption of water

- UV blocked

Technical Specs

"The appearance of wood with the experience in sustainability"